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The Cheboygan Communities Foundation seeks  donations from individuals and businesses who share our ambition to make life better for the residents of Cheboygan County. We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Donations by individuals and corporations are tax deductable and financial support for important economic development opportunities is administered by direct “pass through” funding rather than the more traditional method of accumulating invested funds and using only the interest on funds in support of projects important to creating jobs, prosperity, and quality of life.

This approach amplifies the effect of your contributions and put funds to work immediately.

If you believe the future of Cheboygan County can be a bright one, filled with opportunities for people of all ages, we need your to help today. We utilize this method of funding because economic recovery and renewed prosperity are critical priorities in the communities of Cheboygan County. We can’t wait ten years. We can’t wait five years. We believe in active, present day support for people, projects, and organizations with the potential to create new jobs and educational opportunities here. The number of projects and the amount of our support depends on your donations!

Please consider a donation today! The Cheboygan Foundation seeks a portion of your annual donations. We can assure you it will be put to work to help create jobs, improve educational opportunities, increase tourism, and make Cheboygan County more visually attractive.