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We Aim to Benefit Organizations Across the County

Cheboygan County Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to raising tax-sheltered funds for the benefit of Cheboygan County’s economic and educational projects. Our non-profit, countywide Foundation has spent nearly a decade collecting donations from residents and those who spend their summers or vacations in our quaint region. We then use these dollars to help Cheboygan County grow and prosper. Cheboygan County was once a vivacious commercial area with a wealth of opportunities in the agriculture, retail, manufacturing, and tourism industries. With your help and collaboration with local Chambers of Commerce, the Cheboygan County Community Foundation believes it can be again.


Our Foundation Supports Educational and Economic Pursuits

Cheboygan County Community Foundation’s purpose is founded to create jobs, improve educational opportunities, increase tourism, expand retail and commercial offerings and enhance the economic health of Cheboygan County. We do this by collecting donations from the public and passing it through to entities who make the changes in the County. Depending on your tax position, your donations may be tax-deductible (check with your tax professional). Donations may be in the form of cash or assets. As noted above, we use these donations to support projects that create additional jobs in Cheboygan County, improve educational opportunities, attract tourists to Michigan’s Inland Waterway, and expand retail and commercial offerings. We are confident that these well-considered pursuits will enhance the economic health and future of Cheboygan County. Some of our recent projects have included funds used to provide technology updates to Habitat for Humanity, enhance marketing campaigns for the Cheboygan Chamber of Commerce, and provided education and employment opportunity grants to the Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan. We had also provided COVID relief funds to the Greater Mackinaw, Cheboygan Area, and Indian River Chambers of Commerce.

We Need Your Help Today

Our members continue to compassionately contribute to the mission of the Foundation to help promote economic development in Cheboygan County. We need your help to continue progressing. We are committed to building our local economy so that everyone in the County can thrive. Contributions from you make it possible. Please click on the “Donate Now” button below to use our secure link to make a donation. Thank you for your generous support!

Contact Us to Make a Donation Today