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Create Jobs and Educational Opportunities in Cheboygan County

Our purpose is to provide a federal and state qualified tax exempt foundation for residents and friends of Cheboygan County to donate income and assets which are federal and state tax deductible. Funds donated to the Cheboygan County Community Foundation are then used to support projects which create jobs, improve local educational opportunities, increase tourism visits, expand retail and commercial offerings, and enhance the overall economic health of Cheboygan County.

The foundation provides grants, scholarships, and other means of financial support for individuals, companies, organizations, non-profit agencies, and projects which support our mission and purpose.


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Invest in Your Community

A direct donation and remembering CCCF in your estate plan means you are investing in Cheboygan County!

We need your help! We pledge to run a lean and mean organization that efficiently reviews applications and turns your generosity back into effective business development. To demonstrate our thoughtful creativity in a crises in 2020 we funded the Visitors Bureau Cheboygan’s successful marketing campaign and the stability of the Chambers of Commerce in Indian River, Cheboygan and Mackinaw City.

Join Our Team

To maintain the unique Cheboygan style of life and retain talented workers, we need to expand jobs, job training and attracting the tourists dollars. That’s why The Community Foundation exists but we need your generous support! We cannot do it without you so please join our team.

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