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Join the Admiralty Society to Become a Founding Member!

We are the first ever locally based foundation with the single focus of improving the economic quality of life
throughout Cheboygan County. Please join with us and your friends and acquaintances in making Cheboygan County a better place to live, work and play.

Donate $500.00 or more and join a distinguished list of community leaders by becoming a founding member of the Cheboygan County Community Foundation Royalty.  Member benefits include an invitation to the CCCF  Annual Meeting, recognition on website, donor events, in community announcements and other CCCF communications.

2023 Admiralty Society Honor Roll Members:

Bob & Michele Andrews
Tom & Mary O’Hare
Phillip & Mary Welch
David & Patricia Hubbard

2023 Admiralty Society Members:

Wheeler Chevrolet-Buick
William K. Van Allen, Jr.
Patricia Gildner
James B. & Barbara Darnell