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Crib Lighthouse Renovation

The Cheboygan County Community Foundation (CCCF), the City of Cheboygan and the Cheboygan Downtown Development Authority (DDA) are partnering to renovate the Crib Lighthouse.

The Crib Lighthouse is an inactive lighthouse which sits at the mouth of the Cheboygan River at Lake Huron. The lighthouse was an active lighthouse stationed in the Straits of Mackinac for over 100 years. When it was decommissioned and replaced, the United States Coast Guard gave the lighthouse to the City of Cheboygan. The lighthouse now sits at the mouth of the Cheboygan River at Lake Huron in Gordon Turner Park (City Beach).

The lighthouse has become the placemaking symbol and logo of the City of Cheboygan. Because the lighthouse sits at the gateway to the Inland Waterway and is in need of significant improvements, the City made it a priority the renovate the lighthouse and aesthetically improve the gateway to the Inland Waterway.

The CCCF was looking for a signature project to help fund and after meeting with city officials this project was ideal for the CCCF board. The Foundation has retained the services of the architect firm Sanders & Czapski Associates of Marquette, Michigan to do planning, design and cost estimates for the project. There will be multiple fund-raising programs and opportunities to support this project over the next year.

If you have questions or input for this project, please contact CCCF board trustee Tom Eustice at 231-818-9438 or