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presenting check
Cheboygan County Community Foundation board members Jim Conboy, Noreen Keating & President Joanne Welihan are shown here presenting a check for $11,525 to Andy Liebner of United States Ski Pole Company.

The United States Ski Pole Company (USSPC) is a small family business in Northern Michigan. It is founded by retired Nordic skier and Coast Guard Veteran, Andy Liebner. The company is solidly in its 5th year of business, employing local residents throughout the fall and winter. As the skiing season winds down, the factory is largely unused throughout the spring and summer months. This became the seed of an idea for the cane division of the business.

Andy determined that he could utilize the advanced carbon fiber construction method and equipment used to make the ski poles and apply this process to make a unique, one of a kind lightweight carbon fiber cane. Each with a custom graphic that could display a fellow Veteran’s name, rank, and awarded medals as well as custom graphics for the general public. The creative possibilities seemed endless. USSPC applied for and was awarded, a grant for start-up funds by the Cheboygan County Community Foundation. This money will be used to contract a local Cheboygan business specializing in websites and purchase a large decal printer from the Traverse City area. This generous grant alleviated two large financial hurdles and is allowing the project to move forward, and helps to keep Andy’s dedicated team employed throughout the entire year.