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northern star broadcasting
CCF Chairman and CEO Dick Sanford speaks with radio host Mike Grisdale about the purpose and work of the Cheboygan Communities Foundation.

One of the ways the CCF is getting the word out to the people of Cheboygan County is by going on the radio. Mike Grisdale of Northern Star Broadcasting in Cheboygan recently interviewed Chairman and CEO, Dick Sanford. It is part of the Community Perspective series on WCBY. The interview focused on the mission of the Foundation and some of the recent projects the Foundation has been involved in, including the Port of Cheboygan, North Central Michigan College – Cheboygan Campus, efforts in Industrial Park, and committee work on improving the appearance of communities countywide.

The interview was aired several times in June and July on AM-1240 and 100.7 FM, as well as online at The Foundation is one of several community organizations to be featured on a regular basis. Other community leaders are also being invited to get involved in the program.

“What a great way to share the good news regarding our efforts,” said Sanford. “I am excited to have other members of the Foundation be part of the radio show and encourage other community leaders to participate.”