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Cheboygan County Community Foundation Provides Critical Recovery Aid Funding for Area Chambers of Commerce

Cheboygan County Chambers of Commerce Receive $30,000.00 Grant from Cheboygan Community Foundation to Aid the Recovery of Small Business
The Board of Directors of the Cheboygan County Community Foundation, at its May meeting, voted to provide grants to the three Cheboygan County Chambers of Commerce based on the number of paid members of each with the total allocated amount to be divided being $30,000.00. Based on the number of members the funds were divided as follows:

• Indian River, 258 members: $9507.30
• Mackinaw City, 199 members: $7333.15
• Cheboygan, 357 members: $13,155.45

In the grant announcement letter, the foundation explained to the chambers that “the funds are being provided… with the understanding they will be used to support their communities’ businesses efforts to re-open in a safe and orderly manner when permitted…”