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presenting check
Front row left to right: Joanne Welihan, John Costin, Marcella Costin, Noreen Keating, and Jordan Hogg.
Back row, left to right: Chuck Baase, Jim Conboy and Mary Hebert

Cheboygan County Community Foundation board member Noreen Keating is shown here in front of downtown Cheboygan’s newest construction activity presenting a check for $5,000 to Marcella & John Costin of the Cheboygan 221 Main Street LLC project. A requirement of the grant is that a Cheboygan County-based contractor will be used to construct the project.

The project is designed to create a destination place for both the local community as well as attract visitors and revenue to Cheboygan. The new retail businesses will be coupled with the existing and established Simply Marcella boutique and the Queens Head wine pub. Also, this project will provide affordable quality loft-style apartments for downtown living above the retail businesses. The Confectionery Shop will be a stand-alone business and benefit from the foot traffic of the Lark Theater and the retail stores. The Cheboygan 221 Main Street LLC project started in late May of 2019 and will be completed in the fall of 2019.

Project 221 includes:

  • Stormy Kromer, a Cap & Ale House – an exclusive retail store on Main Street operating as an authorized Stormy dealer
  • Chocolate Shop – a confectionery shop (fudge and more on Main Street)
  • Lark Theater – a live entertainment venue on Huron Street
  • Lark Lounge – a reception area for the theater on Huron Street
  • Loft Apartments – three quality downtown loft apartments above the retail space with the entrance on both Main Street and Huron Street